Existence of God as creative, organizer and maintainer of the Universe.

Respect to all the religions and creeds, if old or independently modern.

Formed for God initially straightforward. “It sleeps in the mineral, it dreams in the vegetable, it wakes up in the animal, it lives in the man, and it shines in the angels”.

Against any form of elimination of the intra-uterine life.

Against, either passive or active euthanasia.

In favor of the research using embryos.

The war
All war is abominable.

Palestine State

Against. More a terrorist state.

On other orders
A great family. She is as soon as are the orders. We keep the respect with all. Thus we consider the templars as our brothers, with which we have greater affinities. The rosacrucians, theosophies and freemasons we consider cousins, with a relative affinity.

Absolute, independent equality of race, color, creed, religion, social situation, financial situation, marital situation, sexual choice, behaviors, appearance, customs, traditions, at last, the differences do not exist.

Politics, politicians and party
The analysis to this respect is if the politician really is compromised to the necessities of the population, and if he keeps its promises when in the power.

Government and power
The analysis of a government or governing will have to be in the following points: 1° freedom of manifestation, 2° press freedom, 3° basic sanitation, net of compatible health, 4° support the child, to the adolescent and the aged one; 5° gratuitous education; 6° basic feeding the disfavored classroom; 7° social and economic evolution.