Sprouting of the Illuminati

The Illuminati is a millenarian institution, been born in the dawn of history. In its beddings they are specific secrets, forming a society based on the secrecy and the obedience. The system of the illuminated ones was developed by diverse leaders, between them Hassan Sabath (nazarins – 1090), Bayezid Ansari (roshynaia – 1550), Adam Weishaupt (illuminati – 1776). Other sets of ten of lesser groups had developed the system illuminati, more or less perfectly.


The Illuminati in the Occident
In 1776, the German Adam Weishaupt establish the Ordo Illuminatorum, society based on principles of moral and social reform. He would organize rosecroix, masons, esoterics, clergymens and other orders in a disciplined society.
Extinguishing and continuity of the Order in occident

The Order of Weishaupt was extinct in 1785. At this moment one understood that a anti-tirany Order only can survive in the maximum secret. Thus it was initiated fiercest of the fights against the tyranny, and an implacable fight against the dogmatic. Other brothers had dedicated the progress to it of science, the culture and the society.
Happened segments of the Illuminati Order
From the original Illuminati they had originated diverse movements. Between them, the broken anarquism, libertarianism, charbonary, socialism, labourism, and other diverse ones, organizations and orders. All are children of this powerful original idea.
The Order today

In the continuity in the end of sec. XX the Illuminati as Order was reactivated again by the master Paolo Bortel (mason/rosecroix). The knowledge of the tradition had been organized in agreement the old millenarian instructions, equaling  the organizations of Hassan Sabbath, Bayezid Ansari and Adam Weishaupt.


Initiatique tradition of the Order
The invisible governing of the humanity had chosen in the old times the master Hassan ibn Sabbath as the supreme head of the illuminated ones. This was succeeded same hierarchy until four hundred years later another leader assigned for the new dynasty appeared of illuminati, the master Bayezid Ansari. Two hundred years later, is changed for the Ocident commands it of the Order, being the new supreme master Adam Weishaupt. In 1999, two hundred years after this great head, the invisible governing choose the master Paolo Bortel to receive the millenarian inheritance and to establish the new generation of the Illuminati.

Under the jurisdiction of the powerful God the current master governs the Order, enlisting sympathizers in all the countries, independent of races and creeds.